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At home reading list

Reading material to get you through the next few weeks? Sorted. Get stacking up those words to soothe, teach, escape or share. Save for later or send to a friend! 


Here's what to read.


Take What You Need by Abiola Babarinde

Cat recently bought this from an Our Lovely Goods (must check out this fellow Scotland based company!) during their pop-up across the road from us at Space At Seventeen and has loved what this book has provided ever since. Encouraging readers to reflect on their own lives, and make changes across four key areas: mind, relationships, purpose and resilience, this is a collection of preach-free life lessons and words of encouagement for those who don't want to settle. With learnings (and unlearnings) at the baseline of this strange time we find ourselves in right now, this is a thought provoking yet comforting read ready to challenge your thinking. 'Vulnerability feels like you are putting your life on the line but in reality, you are saving it.'

Courier Magazine 

A client introduced us to this magazine by kindly bringing it into store one day thinking it might be of interest. She was right! Yet another reason why we love getting to know you. Three issues in and we’re hooked! Courier Magazine believe in sharing inspiring and insightful stories of modern business. Well worth a read if you are involved in a small or independent business, or any business for that matter. Plus a pretty helpful read if feeling a slump in motivation right now working from home.

Vegan Good Life Magazine

Available in print or for digital download (handy right now!), these guys are ahead of the curve. We met with the founder during a buying trip to Berlin, as he is also part of the innovative team at Embassy of Bricks and Logs, and heard more about this modern magazine. Expect the very best in vegan fashion, travel, lifestyle, art and design from this beautifully curated, well informed publication. One for you, one for a friend, one to leave somewhere secret for a passerby to find and get stuck in.

Grapefruit by Yoko Ono

The sweetest way to stay optimistic. In tricky times it's easy to become absorbed with the constant news updates and endless noise. Originally published in 1964 by the infamous artist as a run of 500 in Tokyo, it was later republished to great reception. A poetic look at ordinary life that was meant to inspire John Lennon to write Imagine, this little book will take you outside of yourself and your thoughts and act as some kind of practical meditation. If you can get a copy, it's a big win. If not then google away and make notes. Turns out Dazed thought of the same thing, have a read of their brilliant article breaking down why this book is perfect in a crisis.

Calypso by David Sedaris

Call it comedy, but also call it an accurate reflection of the human condition. That sounds deep, but don't panic this book is not a downer. It's a hilarious, sharp as you like, laugh out loud on the first page account of humorist and writer David Sedaris' actual life. Diary style essays, noting down his experience revolving around living in a North Carolina beach house - named Sea Section, laugh number one - with his partner and a motley crew of family members. Such a good read if you are feeling cooped up! And such a good read for a much needed laugh at life's unpredictability.

Be Great Be Grateful by Patternity

This one is more of a journal. This book encourages you to take a moment and input how you are feeling at the beginning and end of a day, as well as asking you to note down three things you are grateful for. Even if it is something as simple as the sofa you have to sit on or drinking water out the tap, it brings perspective and definitely brings its own version of joy. With this book the design team at Patternity asks you to join them on an empowering journey to look at inspiring and innovative ways to invite more gratitude into our daily lives. Equal parts good to look at and good to absorb.


Here's what to wear whilst reading.


Staying at home calls for comfy, cosy, easy to pull on and off clothes. Stock up on some fresh pieces from our positive impact brands to enjoy the rest of your time working from home, getting well deserved rest when it comes, and making the most of those precious hours to yourself. Get scrolling through our comfort-led Wardrobe Staples edit here.

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