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Black Friday? Forget it

Let's turn things around. It doesn't have to be this way! We're taking it back to a time where we shopped small and felt part of a community. Cat shares her thoughts on why we believe in supporting independent.


Black Friday is, well, so 2010. A shopping-based ‘holiday’. Really? No wonder it's called Black Friday because it has increasingly more of us viewing how we choose to spend our hard earned money in black and white. The feeling of pressure to hold off till the sales hit, or go for things at 50% off that we would never have considered on a normal day of the week is pretty reductive, suggesting we only think in discounts, coupon codes and money off. Don't even get us started on Cyber Mondays - computer says no. Let's find another name, like fresh Friday or feel-good Friday! Or wait, just Friday. A Friday that just happens to be super close to Christmas. 

Doesn't it make you think when something you typically have to pay full price for is also able to be sold a fraction of the cost? Coconuts, right?! Right. You did learn something at school and yes, it doesn't add up. I completely understand everyone loves a bargain, and sometimes it does make it easy to invest in something we wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. But in my younger years I remember heading into a shop during its sale and choosing from items that hadn't sold as well, crossing my fingers for a pair of shoes that I had had my eye on all season but were now reduced (I’m a UK 8 so that happened a little more often). Sometimes you got lucky, and sometimes not, but that was the nature of shopping in the sales and we all moved on. It’s pretty scary to think that was only 15 years ago. Now sales are inevitable. What's changed? 

When faced with this kind of mass bombardment of advertising and offers galore, I think it's good to go with your gut - something we wholly believe in at Treen. Run with the questions that pop into your head; How can this product cost that much? How can it be sold at a slashed price and still meet margins or pay it’s makers fairly? What does it mean ‘Made in x’? Does this brand meet my expectations or listen to my needs as a consumer? You decide. It’s time to show the ultimate respect for who made your goods, and for yourself. If you do want to invest and are in need of an alternative then shop smart and support local this Friday and over the weekend.

Here at treen we want to make this Friday your freshest yet. We want you to feel well looked after, warmly welcomed and completely at home with advice at hand and even a glass of something if you fancy it! It is Friday after all. Expect all of us to go the extra mile for you this Friday, simply because that is what we aim to do every single day. Black Friday or otherwise.

But we’re not alone. We are lucky enough to now be permanently based on one of Edinburgh’s most renowned streets historically for shopping local, and it’s not running out of steam. We thought it was the perfect time to sing the praises of a few other businesses that have grown close to us since opening our pop-up at 17, and our new store at No. 12, St Stephen Street.


The Method

Prepare to be blown into a complete sense of calm and chill when you walk in The Method. We can say with certainty that everything you pick up feels incredible, and everything you smell will transport you somewhere else. Pretty much everything you have ever been looking for in a lifestyle meets skincare meets wellness store. Book in for a treatment downstairs (waiting list long for good reason!) for an unforgettable act of self-care. You’ll float off afterwards.


Hashtag home inspo on an extreme level. You will want to live here! Dixie, Ralf and their team are experts at styling interiors, all things design-led furniture and sharing advice on how to get the best out of your space. Something so simple like moving a vase to another area in a room - genius! They styled the property we used for our latest shoot, plus give us all kinds of small business goals.

Bon Tot

Think modern, effortlessly cool, and not sorry about it. This is where it is at when it comes to all things kids! Everytime you walk in to this store you will find something you haven't seen before and wish you had as a child. There is something for everyone here, with Kris’s incredible eye for picking out the best of the best products, clothes, toys and more. A true treasure trove.

Love Crumbs

Get here pronto for your daily caffeine, cake and hot drink fix. A big shout out for the growing range of vegan options! Down a few steps you will walk through a pink door into a little cake cave filled with gorgeous smelling coffee, teas and dreamy icings. Plus they also sell incredible gifts and stationary so you probably won’t want to leave anytime soon.

Golden Hare Books

This space is so special to so many of us. The true meaning of taking it back to a time when shopping meant community, supporting local sellers and getting together. Into books? Yeah, this isn’t exactly a hard sell thanks to their carefully chosen titles, with their attention to detail and care per client is second to none. I mean it's a bookstore, with a giant gold painted hare on its front sign, and a real log burning fire… We’ll see you there!

And a couple more!

Special mentions go to Space at Seventeen, where it all began for treen, Jess is just the best host of her wonderful pop-up space, well worth a follow! Those Were The Days Vintage - like walking into a really effective time machine! The ultimate vintage wardrobe to delve into. Our neighbours directly across the street, Voxbox - the absolute ‘it’ place for all music, records and chat. Elaine's Vintage Clothing - Every time we go here we ask, ‘where do you find these gems’?! And the wonderful Miss Bizio Couture - another incredible collection of one-offs and keep forever items.


Join us tomorrow from 10 - 6 (ish!) to celebrate with drinks and ethical shopping. Stuck at work and can't make it down? We've got you. We'll be open late on all Thursdays throughout December for all your festive shopping needs.

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