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How you are making change happen

Today marks the start of this year's Fashion Revolution Week. Headed by a not-for-profit global movement with teams in over 100 countries around the world, this eye-opening week campaigns for a change in the fashion industry with a focus on the need for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain. Fair pay, fair treatment, fair fashion. From today through to Sunday, this week is all about encouraging brands and retailers to share exactly 'who made my clothes' and shine a light on transparency, safety, cleanliness and care for those working in supply chains all around the world.

As an independent store owner Cat shares her take on the week ahead and why keeping things fair, kind and supportive with our family of positive brands is so important. Read on to find out what we do as a store to keep everyone looked after, and how you are making change happen with how you shop. Stay honest!


From day one treen’s goal has been to create a welcoming environment where anyone can shop at ease and with confidence, to know that whatever they pick up, lust after, try on, and take home has passed through a positive supply chain, has been, and will continue to be, kind to animals and our planet. 

We are beyond proud to represent the incredible line-up of brands that we do. They are living proof that positive, wishlist-worthy fashion is absolutely possible! Real people, real designers and real factory workers working hard in safe workplaces for fair wages. There is something really special when you think about how one or more people will have felt when completing a garment that you have then got excited about purchasing, receiving at your door, unboxing in your bedroom, trying on and immediately sending a selfie to a friend about! That’s a supply chain that we want to be a part of.

A day in the life of working at treen includes speaking directly to brands, to people we trust and who trust us back. Agreements and deadlines are kept, we are real with each other, and we make sure to remain honest whilst doing what we love, together. When a designer or brand representative tells us they will check with the brand, factory, or warehouse, we know who they are talking about - their name, what they look like and that they enjoy their work and are paid fairly for it. We receive workroom selfies, kind notes inside deliveries, and we see first hand the same excitement and energy in our brands as we feel about our store.

This week, we are going to lift the curtains and share all and everything we can to get you guys the best brand information possible. Expect insight into how you are making change happen now through the ways you shop. Learn more about our brands and what they are doing to not only to support their workers, but to save the planet. We’ll take a look into who makes your clothes and who is involved in supply chains that results in the product we stock. There will be live chats, valuable post shares on Instagram, and we’ll introduce an epic new brand just in time to round off this important week that, really, we think about all year round. We’re here to do whatever it takes to make your experience and your engagement with positive fashion a good one. 

As always, we are here for you. Questions, comments, or something we can look into? Send us a DM on Instagram, live chat via our website or send us an email at 

Let’s do this!



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