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It's puffer season

Time to bundle up with the ultimate outerwear staple. When it comes to ethically made, cruelty-free and proudly vegan puffers, there's only one brand for the job. Enter Embassy of Bricks and Logs. We break down exactly why this stand out jacket is our number one pick for the season (and it's positive eco impact!).

Filling made from recycled plastic ocean waste? Yeah, we can get down with that...

Elphin Down Coat in Black • £295


Embassy of Bricks and Logs are an urban outerwear brand with pretty damn high aesthetic and ethical standards. After working in the streetwear fashion industry for over two decades, founder Niko Vatheuer - along with Nico Mirbach and wife, Anna - decided that he could set up his own brand and do things differently.

Through their vegan designs, focussed on contemporary, utilitarian silhouettes with a functional approach, and the use of hand-selected premium materials, the directional German brand brings a high-quality streetwear approach into the realm of ethical fashion. Their stance is design first, without compromising on quality.

Elphin Down Coat in Olive • £295


By designing quality, everyday pieces with cuts and colours that are more than just the fad of the season, Embassy coats are engineered to have an extended life-span, making them slow-fashion by definition. The brand adheres to fair labour and safe working conditions, visiting partners regularly to assure high ethical standards, a good approach to working conditions and fair payment of the garment workers. They work directly with their factories in order to keep improving on standards.


Working closely with non-profit organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the brand also is proudly vegan and cruelty-free - another reason to get behind them as opposed to other animal product based alternatives that use duck or goose down. They also have found an innovative solution to preventing damp, odour or bacteria from getting to the jackets (as opposed to the industry norm of the non-environmentally friendly silica gel) with their swing tags. Each does the same job by absorbing moisture, creating a protective bubble around each garment whilst they are shipped. All extracts used are plant-based and food safe. Double win!

Belfast Down Coat in Black • £310


Their design led outerwear not only looks good, but does good too. Each premium quality piece is made to last. For their padding, they use faux down filling made from 100% PET bottles collected from our oceans. No really, ocean waste. These incredible coats are well equipped to protect you when it's cold out. Quilted to evenly distribute the insulating faux down and each with wrist cuffs and some with large, flattering hoods to lock in heat, these are the true MVPs of the ethical outerwear industry. The brand values innovation and is constantly working on progressing their materials, so you know you are investing in some seriously well researched high-spec jackets.

Manitoba Down Jacket • £275

Need more info, or a chat through more of what these sleeping-bag-slash-coats have to offer? Drop us an email, or send us a DM on instagram to find out more.

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