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Meet the brand: FRAMIORE

FRAMIORE is a womenswear label that focuses on sustainability. Clothes are made from fabrics including Tencel, cotton, hemp and bamboo. The brand’s name from the word "friend" said in different languages. The same approach is used to combine various tailoring traditions for each FRAMIORE collection and create modern women's clothes based on cultural and natural heritage from around the world. The first collection is inspired by clothes of Vietnamese nationalities and their philosophy of living.

FRAMIORE craft their clothes keeping in mind timeless, clean and  functional design originated from the world cultures and high quality, environmentally sound, durable textiles. The source of inspiration for their first collection are black h'mongs, red zao and tao nationalities (Vietnam). Their unique experience is worth reflection! H'mong women use the same costume for everyday routine and during hard working in fields. That's how comfortable and convenient their clothes are! FRAMIORE took their experience and transformed it into comfortable pieces for modern women living in metropolis.

How and why did you start Framiore? 

We wanted to develop a solid export-oriented clothes manufacturing business in our hometown in Ukraine. The one that could help the local economy to grow and talented people finally to have a job that they would love. But after a few years of research, we saw a devastating data: how fast fashion trends actually change the way we buy and use clothes, what eco footprint the industry of unconscious consumption leaves on the environment worldwide.

Starting FRAMIORE in April 2018 we decided to make a difference and help sustainability, slow, ethical fashion and production became normal.

What sets you apart from other brands?

FRAMIORE is not just about slow fashion and eco-friendly fabrics. Each collection is dedicated to different cultural extremum, extraordinary traditions from around the world. We aim to discover this unique heritage to the customer and transfer it into city apparel. Tell the story through the cuts and stitches. We use fashion as a voice to preserve cultural heritage in a timeless versatile pieces. With our collections we aim to highlight some ancient and artisan craftsmanship tradition from lesser known cultures from around the world.

What are your hot items right now?

LOOJ dress is a true unique and versatile dress. Made from super breathable navy blue TENCEL it’s easy to dress it up or down. Wear it with flats, heels, trainers, espadrilles, Wellies, you name it! Complementary to practically any shape it moves elegantly with your body. Detachable collar brightens your face and will smart up any look. Choose from a variety of collars to suit your style. And we’re sure you’ll appreciate LOOJ’s generous pockets. Perfect everyday dress with a smart twist for special occasions! 

Biggest struggle as a sustainable, ethical, vegan business?

To stay dedicated to the slow fashion path and make a lucrative business. We work with small quantities, massive attention to details in every step, minimum stock where possible. Cooperating with a small local businesses – fabric suppliers or a delivery man. This is tough and slows the business side down. It demands patience from customers too. But we strongly believe it is worth it!

What in your view is an ideal future for the world's shopping habits?

People should start to realise the actual price of cheap clothes and consequences of the way we live now. Both customers and manufacturers.

What does the future hold for the brand?

We’ll work hard on spreading the word about ethical and eco fashion, sustainability and circular economy. Now FRAMIORE is also on a way to make an autumn-winter collection dedicated to the Uigurs nationality and tailoring traditions. As for the production side, we’ll continue to invest in local economy in Ukraine providing our team with fair and safe working conditions, creating the best manufacture in our hometown to provide FRAMIORE’s customers with great quality and timeless design.

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