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Meet the brand: Self Cinema

Confession, we miss jeans. We know they haven't exactly been top of the list of priorities in the past few months, but our usual daily uniform feels empty without them. At the start of the season we welcomed a new denim-centric brand to the store, the ultimate cool points company and one that combines luxury fashion essentials with an edge plus an impressive sustainable approach to everything. Self Cinema entered our viewpoint with confidence and we were ready to embrace their approach to super high quality jeans that didn't lack modernity or wearable style.

The brand was founded by British menswear designers, Anthony Rock and Samuel Thomas, whose name drop heavy careers before launching the brand are enviable (note Gucci, Burberry, Loewe and John Galliano). After the pair worked together at Acne Studios they realised they thought the same way about the future of fashion - that it had to be sustainable. They founded Self Cinema to actualise this vision, with no compromise on a high fashion aesthetic.

We don't know about you, but we love a good story. Find out more about our newest denim brand in our next meet the brand interview. We caught the pair for a quick chat about the power of a striped tee and staying true to your values with Self Cinema. 

How and why did you get started with Self Cinema?

We were both working on a project at Acne Studios which involved relaunching the denim line. Whilst researching and developing the project we became more aware of the effects of the processes that go into making jeans have on the environment, at the same time we discovered that there were technologies available to make jeans in a way that was less impactful and that there were many sustainable options now available to make a range of appealing, high quality products. However, we found that there were very few brands in the market that offered a complete range of more sustainable clothes, so we felt we could bring something important to consumers. 

What does a normal working day look like for you?

We work from our office in central Stockholm, we are still a small operation, so we are handling a lot ourselves! We spend our days balancing the handling of e-commerce sales, wholesale customer service, doing research for upcoming collections and new methods of producing sustainably.

What sets you apart from other brands? 

We always incorporate more responsible solutions into our range, from the processes to the components. We are a fashion brand, but have a careful balance of trans-seasonal products and contemporary wardrobe staples which do not go on sale and seasonal items.

If you had to choose, which are your favourite pieces right now?

Any of our Bretons, together with one of our mid-blue vintage jeans are fab! 

Biggest struggle as a sustainable, ethical, vegan business? 

The biggest struggle as a sustainable fashion brand is being able to achieve the right look and performance of product in a sustainable way. The industry has definitely turned a corner when it comes to sustainability but there are still many limitations and suitable components can be hard to find.

What in your view is an ideal future for the world's shopping habits? 

Buying less generally, investing in better quality products that the buyer will use often. 

What does the future hold for your brand? 

We will continue to evolve our range into new categories and employ the latest developments in sustainable practices!

Can you share one takeaway from running an ethical brand?

Stay true to your values and clearly communicate those values within your network, there are a surprising amount of companies and suppliers that want to do good and will collaborate to support your cause.

Into what you've read, or just keen to get back into denim? We know it can be daunting (especially after a break from wearing them) so check out Self Cinema for some classic cuts, in flattering and light stretch denim. Read: comfortable. Need fit advice or want a first hand account of how they feel on? Drop us an email or head to the live chat button on the bottom of the screen to speak to our team.

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