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Vegan. It’s a choice, and one we’re making easier for you to make. When it came to setting up a new independent store, it was a no brainer for us. To start with, it’s 2019 (less than two months away from a new decade, let alone a new year!). It matters to us that we reflect the needs of the ever-growing world around us and where we stand in time right now. And let’s face it, the cards are on the table when it comes to understanding we have to take care of our home. There is no planet B.

But when it comes to shopping, there’s so many things to consider. Is this brand ethical? Are all the workers in the supply chain that led to me holding this pair of jeans treated - and paid - fairly? Are the materials used sustainable, low impact and kinder to our earth? Did this piece of clothing harm an animal in order to exist? Let alone does it fit me beyond expectation, do I feel the best version of myself in it, is it going to work hard for me in my wardrobe, can I afford it? Yeah, that’s a lot to think about.

Therefore, when the time came to build the foundations of treen, we started with a seed of an idea. What if we created a store that ONLY stocked vegan fashion? Knock it out of the equation at the first point of entry. Have a non-negotiable approach to cruelty-free so that we can guarantee that every single element of our business - from brands, to packaging, to printing and more - is vegan. Why? We want to show you that making the choice to shop vegan is simple. By bringing together all the incredible, thoughtful, beautiful clothes that can last a lifetime whilst making you feel damn good. We’ve made it a painless process to find your own style without having to think about how each piece you invest came to be. By shopping with us you are supporting a set of values that says that fashion doesn’t have to be cruel. A killer wardrobe, without killing the planet. Not a bad tag line and something we can all feel proud of.

There's no better time to celebrate. Today is World Vegan Day! Started in 1994, each and every year November 1st has been marked, with its significance growing to be internationally recognised. After being raised vegetarian, I became vegan in all areas of my life about 5 years ago. Starting treen was my way of taking this from my plate to my wardrobe and expanding my approach in line with my values. But of course, you don’t have to be vegan (in any way shape or form!) to shop with us. Every single one of you is welcome, whatever your lifestyle and however you got there. I plan to keep making treen a one-stop-shop for all your wish list items celebrating the brands that create clothing in an honest and transparent way. Living ethically and sustainably is complicated and knowing how to make the transition from fast to slow fashion can be a challenge so rest easy that whether you’re ready to overhaul your whole lifestyle or looking to make just one switch for the better, we’re here to support you.

No vegan filter needed. We’re only serving positive impact fashion.


ps. Our brand new store opens tonight! Don't forget to join us this evening from 6 - 8 (ish!) to celebrate with drinks, shopping and back to business banter. Can't make it? Relax, we're here to stay. Come shop in store at 12, St Stephen Street from Saturday 2 November, 10 - 6 open on the daily. In the mean time, shop all our brands here.

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