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Our sustainable and reusable packaging

When it came to developing packaging for treen, we didn’t want to produce packaging that was limited to one use or made from harmful materials. It seems obvious, but standard cotton used widely for tote bag production has huge implications for our environment.

We worked with Westford Mill to source our totes and drawstring bags. They are committed to making sure their products are produced ethically and sustainably. Our totes and drawstring bags are made from 100% organic cotton that’s been independently verified. The cotton itself has been purchased at a price that allows cotton producers in developing countries to sustainably invest in their business and communities.

We use two different weights for our totes: one 340gsm and the other 407gsm. The former is EarthAware®-certified; the latter is FairTrade-certified. These heavy-weight totes produce a quality product that can carry lots of weight, enabling our customers to use them for a variety of future uses (groceries, laundry, and so forth). The heavier weight tote is branded with our treen girl (representing our customer) and the other has our logo. They occupy every order at no additional cost, regardless if the order is made online or in-store.

We also sourced a variety of drawstring bags. These are also 100% organic cotton, and are ultra soft given their weighting, just 115gsm. They’re perfect for travel—enabling our customers to store toiletries and underwear in them for their weekend trips away. Again, we take the time to package your purchases within these drawstring bags. No paper or plastic waste, just high quality cotton bags that can be reused time and time again.

For online orders, we looked for the best quality mailer boxes around. Sourced from Packhelp, they’re made from ecological cardboard with black overprint. With three layers of corrugated cardboard, the materials are selected to provide the best protection for the goods whilst keeping the weight low. The mailer boxes feature a handy closure so there’s no need to use additional adhesive tape (an essential feature in order to ensure we’re vegan friendly).

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