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Something new is coming

We can't thank you enough for all your support the past year since we opened up our doors and want to keep you in the loop, because we wouldn't be here without you. As we near the end of the month (and near the start of another chapter!) we thought we'd share some behind the scenes sneak peeks at what's coming... very soon.


So here we are again, and we have some more news to share!

For those amongst you who caught our last post where I shared more about turning one (you can read it here if not) you might have noticed a few hints to something new that we’ve been planning behind the scenes. After shutting our physical doors late March in the wake of the pandemic we were so grateful to be able to open them again on July 1st. This day also officially marked a brand-new chapter as it was the same day we got the key to our new bigger, better space. Our new digs, new home, the mothership. Thanks to you treen has a whole lot of friends now so we knew we needed to find a bigger place so all and everyone could get involved! 

There have been more than a few moments where I’ve caught myself in a conversation with someone who has inspired me, or found a Pinterest board made five years ago lending itself to the final mood boards for our dream store right now, or finding the drawings of shops I drew as a small child, front door, windows displays and all (must share these!). All the fabric of a plan for the future and these are now becoming a life size, real time reality. All pinch me moments.

These were plans we had intended to get moving on pre-pandemic, but I am so glad they were allowed the space they needed to breathe as a result. The past few months have given us the time to see things clearly, think ahead and not get caught up in the day to day. The perspective gained has been a gift. And now? It is brighter and lighter outside and it’s how we feel inside too, we are grateful to be launching our next step somewhat on the flip side of things. We could all use something to follow along with, look forward to and celebrate after what we have all been through so far together. 

When lockdown first hit, we held a crisis meeting on our first day of WFH. Full ‘can you hear me?’, ‘I can hear you, but can you hear me?’, vibes. The purpose of the meeting was to plan out exactly who we were going to be during a time we had no idea how long would last, or any idea how it would develop. We imagined couriers and deliveries grinding to a halt (luckily this didn’t happen - forever grateful for those hardworking teams) so knew we needed to think of new goals, new targets, new ways to connect with you all over the positive impact brands we love so much. We were thinking, if we can’t get our great product to people what else can we do? How else can we connect? How can we still be ‘us’ but 100% digitally? We very quickly decided what this looked like, that we wanted to create a place of escapism for everyone. A place to join in with the conversation and keep connecting, or happily watch from the side-lines. A place that will be there for you no matter what, fashion aside. 

As tough and as tragic a time this has been, we have recognised the silver linings that have peeked out from behind the clouds and are forever grateful for this. We have chatted with new clients in America, Germany, Denmark, London and Singapore - hi guys! We have gotten to know so many more locals from our beautiful city, Edinburgh, who we have now met a number of in person after reopening! We were able to nurture our online space and give it the time and attention it needed as we have - and will continue to do - with our stores. And we did all the extra bits that go far, possibly more now than ever, like playlists, recipes, reading lists, promotions for you all to enjoy! Thank you for both getting stuck in and sticking with us.

We'll be sharing plenty more from behind the scenes as we edge closer to our new home being ready to welcome you all into, but for now - another thanks. We wouldn't be able to do this without your support.

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