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We have a new home!

It’s official. We have a new home! Since closing our doors to our first pop-up at Space At Seventeen back in August we've been holding our breath. We couldn't be prouder to now say that we have a new place to hang up our coat (or should we say puffer jacket given how many of you have loved our new in outerwear from Embassy of Bricks and Logs). And it’s back where we started, literally opposite, on the street that felt like home as soon as we arrived. No. 12, St Stephen Street - we are on our way. 

As we open a new chapter for treen, Cat shares her thoughts on how far we’ve come.


Here’s to what's now!

Is this real? Am I really typing these words? Yes, although I can’t quite believe it. We, treen, have a new home! Somewhere to hang up our coat and let out a happy sigh each morning before starting the day. We are absolutely and completely, over the moon ecstatic! Anyone who’s ever dreamt of having the keys to their own shop front or home will know how this feels, and we couldn’t have done it without the support, patience and cheerleading from everyone around us - that means you. Here’s a bit more about the steps we had to take to get us here, key in hand and ready to welcome you all to our brand spanking new store.

After our launch in Space at Seventeen, we moved neighbourhoods into the ever cool, ever current Leith. Taking up residency at the super sharp and creative, Custom Lane, we settled into life without a physical store for a while and got our heads down to focus on the other side of the treen coin - online. The space at CL gave us time (alongside heaps of inspiration from the countless other artists, agencies and designers that work there) to really hone in on our presence on the world wide web, from redefining our brand aesthetic in reflection of what you love the most, welcoming talented photographer Martin to the team, working through every single corner of the website with a fine toothed comb carrying on the incredible work that Meraki had started for us, reaching out to you all on social, and making sure we put out only quality content for you all - no annoying spam in these parts. Making sure we create the same experience for those of you shopping online from all around the world as the experience you can guarantee you’ll get in our physical store was the aim. Personable, helpful guidance to help you get what you want and need out of shopping. Any feedback on what we’ve done so far? Please do sent it our way.

Custom Lane got our juices going. If you’ve ever paid them a visit you’ll know how much of a good vibe they have developed. Creative, inviting, lively. After spending 5 minutes there you already want to stay for the rest of the day (or month). You never know who you might bump into whilst waiting for a coffee at William & Johnson, plus the programme of events and exhibitions held is second to none. We jumped head first into this and kicked off our time there by being part of the first ever Trading Post - a collaborative feel, multi-branded shopping, food and drink event held over a Saturday. And damn, was it good. Such a cool vision whilst being expertly organised; streamline, cohesive and to the point. What saw brands stand out was their work and what they represent - what better way to display it than alongside others and encourage that cross pollination, that's the most important thing right? We can’t tell you how many people we met - shout out to you if you made it down! - and got exactly why Leith is the place to be. We followed up with two more pop-ups over a total of 9 days throughout September and October. Our goal was to meet more people and invite back all of you we had already met - job done! We loved meeting every single one of you, thank you for taking the time to come find us in Custom Lane

Which brings us! If any of you have spoken with me at any point since August you’ll know I’ve been living, breathing, sleeping ‘project find a new store’. We wanted to get it right, and in this case we are pretty sure that the best things are worth waiting for. No. 12. A gold and red painted 12 has always been above the door and nothing else, so that’s what we’re calling it. Our new, possibly forever home. Let’s do this! Bring on the interiors, the shop fit inspiration, the second hand furniture and creating a special space for all of you, hands down one of my favourite things to do. The work is underway and we will be ready to welcome everyone from next Friday, just in time for things to get really festive around here (two months today!) and I know I mentioned it already but the fact that the last few pop-ups have gone so well makes me set the bar even higher for No.12. Having the chance to ‘pop up’ in a few different locations has been a dream come true, not one shop but three! This forced me to dream up new layouts, new ways to display stock, analyse what deserves to go where and why, creating a space absolutely everyone feels welcome in. We’ve listened to your feedback, ideas, dream brands. We’ve heard you when you say you want a treen for men too (keep your eyes peeled, we’re on the case!). We’ve taken stock (figuratively), and we’ve brought in brand new stock (literally). We’re so ready.

Did we mention that 12 is our new favourite number?

Cannot wait to share it all with you!



Join us on Friday 1 November from 6 - 8 (ish!) to celebrate with drinks, shopping and back to business banter. Can't make it? Relax, we're here to stay. Come shop in store at 12, St Stephen Street from Saturday 2 November, 10 - 6 open on the daily.

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