5 reasons we love new brand, Jakke

Fashion, but make it cruelty free. Our latest addition to join the store is making waves already with it's easy to love, difficult to forget faux fur coats, vegan leather blazers and free from wool knits. Progressive brand, Jakke, was founded by East London designer Nina Hopkins to create cruelty-free faux fur outwear. Her PETA recognised designs are bringing sustainable luxury without the price tag, inspired by her parent’s love of both conceptual art and vintage clothing. Think statement womenswear that you can still wear everyday. We take a closer look at why this brand hits the spot. 


1. Cosy up without the harm outwear.

Jakke was founded to make fur faux. Self-labelled as a fashion brand with a conscience, the team creates 'free from' fashion and actively promotes cruelty free clothing. Their free from fur, feathers, wool and leather approach means their vegan collection has has zero negative impact on animals, whilst still providing the same level of function, warmth, softness and longevity you'd want from your outerwear.

2. No compromises on sustainability.

The brand's approach to design is to make pieces that last for good. Classic designs with contemporary edge that can slot into your wardrobe regardless of the season. This challenges the throwaway mentality that fast fashion brands rely on and encourages longer use. This season they've added recycled polyester faux fur (made from plastic bottles) to the collection. Recycled polyester gives second life to a material that would otherwise end up on landfill or the ocean.

3. London born, London based.

The brand was born in 2015 after East London designer Nina Hopkins knew that fashion-forward women should be able to buy confidently into ethical fashion. Proudly rooted in her hometown, Nina's love of design was instilled in her from an early age. The daughter of a Welsh father and Nigerian mother, Nina’s formative years were shaped by both her father’s love of conceptual art and her mother’s passion for sewing and vintage markets. The brand is an actualisation of her taste and values combined, and has since been awarded 'Best Faux Fur Brand' and 'Best Wool Free Brand' by PETA - that's ultimate cool points in our book.

4. They make sizing work for more.

Easy to wear pieces with flexible sizing is our jam. The oversized, relaxed fit of many of the brand's considered cuts means this fashion works for many more women. Ready style as needed or as you like to wear it, size down for a closer fit or stay with your typical size for an oversized look. Plus many of the styles from the collection have non-restrictive cuts (think no tight underarm pinch, or overly tailored designs) making layering easier, and there's nothing better than wrapping up to feel as if you've never left your bed. Try the Katie or Heather Coat, with the Isabella Jumper underneath.

5. Affordable luxury? Done.

Get the vibe normally associated with high end fashion, but without the eye watering price tag. Jakke make premium feeling - and looking - pieces that are designed to last without you having to shell out as much. Think coats you'll wear for years then pass to a friend or family member to carry on. And by producing smaller capsule collections and refreshing signature shapes, they are switching up the need for a high wardrobe turnover and keeping you looking forward to unpacking that special coat year after year. Investment outerwear is the way forward, Jakke is helping us to do just that.


Cruelty free but make it fashion? We're sold. Check out the our pick from the Jakke collection here, let us know if you need more on fit, sizing or styling. Cosy up.


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