Meet the brand: Jakke

When a brand joins the ranks and immediately becomes a bestseller. Jakke entered our lives this season and we are already firm friends. This supernova addition has become part and parcel of the store already thanks to it's bold fabrics and colour embracing collection. The brand has a no compromise approach to fashion, fully embracing the frivolity and playfulness it can bring our day to day dressing but with the serious care taken over sustainable and cruelty-free fabrics.

We caught up with Jakke's founder, Nina Hopkins, to chat about why she thinks sustainable fashion should be fun and what makes her tick.

How and why did it all get started with Jakke?

I used to design outerwear for various high street retailers and noticed a gap in the market. When I launched Jakke, the catwalks were showing real fur but I felt there was also a need for fashionable faux fur that was affordable. I wanted to create a brand that would bridge the price gap whilst still using the best quality cruelty-free faux fur and without compromising on style.

Can you explain the meaning behind your brand name?

I love and have been inspired by Scandinavian design for a long time. As we initially launched as an outerwear brand, I thought the name 'jakke' was quite apt because it is the Danish word for jacket.  It's actually pronounced ja-kie (as in the girls name) so it's a bit of a play on words.

What does a normal working day look like for you?

Fortunately there is never a normal working day - every day is different which is why I love my job so much.

What do you do to remain inspired to create?

I have an innate appreciation of image and design which has enabled me to frame Jakke for a contemporary woman. I’m very aware of everything around me and I buy things based on aesthetics, branding and image. This could be  anything from the perfume I wear, the skin products I use, or how my home is decorated. I love products which are made well and are pleasing to the eye; quality over quantity, these are some of the drivers that have helped me create the image for Jakke. I'm a perfectionist, and I want our customers to have the ultimate experience from the Jakke brand, from our website, communications and social media, through to our packaging, quality and garment design. 

How do you differentiate yourself from other brands?

We pride ourselves on being different! Along with the commercial colours we produce each season, we like to produce prints and colours that no one else would dare to do. This season our standout prints are the floral and faces.

Can you tell us the design story or inspiration behind one of your pieces?

Our latest collection has a bit of a 1970's western feel to it. This can be seen in the colours we’ve used and also in our prints. The Isabella Jumper has the elements of fringing taken from this theme.

Biggest struggle in running a brand?

Doing the things that you are not good at (like the accounts!) but these are all outsourced now.

Biggest joy in running a brand? 

Seeing my product stocked in beautiful stores such as yours.

Whilst we are talking about joy, what one song can you not resist dancing to?

I wanna dance with somebody - Whitney Houston

What in your view is an ideal future for the world's shopping habits?

To shop slower and invest in sustainable considered pieces. Less is more.

What is coming next for Jakke?

We are increasing our product offer and next Autumn we will be introducing rain macs and also dresses into the range... We are hoping to be seen as a ready to wear brand rather just an outerwear brand. Bring it.


Forever fashion, without the harm. Want to know more about each piece of Jakke we proudly stock in store? Get involved and start making a wish list here, don't forget free UK shipping on all orders! Here if you need us, as always.



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