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We honour the rights of all people. From our employees to every factory worker, we aim to protect livelihoods so that people can meet their needs and achieve their full potential.













Social Responsibility

Positively impacting people

Transparency needs to be at the heart of sustainability. It is a non-negotiable for us; it is the foundation of our working relationships. We request that our brands (and their suppliers) sign and comply with our Code of Conduct (CoC). We devised this in 2019 as a means to underpin the way we do business. Our CoC is based on international regulations set by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

In 2021, we published our CoC in a digestible format for our online customers’ benefit, which we named “Our Values”. In 2024, we will launch this in-store via new product labels. The series of icons affirms the pledges made by our brands and make it easier for you to shop according to yours.

Ethically made

When you see the "Ethically made" symbol on our products, this means that the brand has ensured that:

  • All workers, at every stage of production, are treated with respect and dignity.
  • No worker is subjected to mistreatment or discrimination.
  • Everyone is paid a fair wage that secures a decent standard of living in their local currency.
  • They embrace non-discriminatory employment practices, including but not limited to: gender, age, sexual orientation and disability.
  • They create safe working conditions that adhere to the industry's safety standards.
  • They prohibit child labour in any form.

Gives back

When you see the "Gives back" symbol on our products, this means that the brand has expressed:

  • A commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact of their products by means of donations to charitable organisations.


When you see the "Cruelty-free" symbol on our products, this means that the brand has confirmed that:

  • There is absolutely no testing on animals at any stage of product development.


When you see the "Vegan" symbol on our products, this means that the brand has confirmed that:

  • All products are made using materials that are free from animal-derived components. This includes hidden animal components that are often found in fashion, such as animal-derived glues, dyes and waxes, silk linings, feather and down padding, buttons (often made from horns and shells) and leather patches on denim.

Recycled materials

When you see the "Recycled materials" symbol on our products, this means that the brand has prioritised:

  • The reuse of existing fabrics to reduce the demand for new resources to be extracted from the Earth.
  • The utilisation of cutting-edge, innovative fabrics made from by-products from various industries that would otherwise be discarded as waste.

Organic materials

When you see the "Organic materials" symbol on our products, this means that the brand has committed to:

  • Growing new fabrics in the most environmentally-friendly way.
  • Producing products that are free from toxins to not only protect our planet, but the health of their workers and customers.

All brands pledge that their products are made by happy people

We are a certified Living Wage employer.

We are deeply invested in the growth and development of our employees. We collaborate with an external HR professional to offer additional support.

Our employees

As a female-founded business, treen is dedicated to empowering women. We are pleased that 100% of our leadership positions are held by women. Our team is currently a 4/2 split; 66% women and 33% men.

Our goal is to have our community represented in our team; gender diversity within the treen team is a primary goal for 2024.


Working at treen is a joy! You're made to feel like part of a family and I love coming to work because of this. What stands out to me is how thoughtful treen is: from their values to the positive impact they are making within the fashion industry. It's amazing to witness, and be part of.

Neave Buying Executive

treen is such a positive place to work. Its values, supportive teammates and amazing customers make every day an absolute pleasure. The ability to align with a business' values in retail is a rarity.


Community Engagement & Impact

Demonstrating a sustainable way of life

Whether it's by partnering with non-profit organisations, community initiatives or local charities, or by engaging with our customers on an individual level, we are present. Our primary goal is to inspire (and demonstrate) how to live a more sustainable life.

Support the brands who donate time, supplies and money


events for our charity partner, Smartworks Scotland, since our inception in 2019

£5,521 raised

Since 2019, we've held 6 events for our charity partner, Smartworks Scotland. These events have included conversations, as well as pre-loved and vintage sales to promote circularity in fashion.

268 items donated

Our contributions are not just financial. We've donated 45 items to Smartworks Scotland from treen's collection and, since 2019, have accepted pre-loved clothing donations from our customers. These donations quite literally transform a woman's life by helping her feel her best during the interview process. We show our community how pre-loved clothing can still make a positive contribution.

Each season, we host a series of conversations, events and workshops for our like-minded community. The focus for 2024 is to support our customers in repairing their clothes.

8 workshops

In 2024, treen will host 8 workshops that focus on creative mending solutions to help you extend the lifespan of your most cherished garments.


Garment Care & Repair Guide

In 2024, treen will release its first free Garment Care & Repair Guide in digital and print formats.





  • Add new product labels to each item in-store in order to highlight Our Values
  • Maximise in-store signage and displays to showcase our sustainability initiatives
  • Increase gender diversity within the treen team
  • Host 8 workshops focused on repairing clothes
  • Launch a Garment Repair Guide (in digital and print) to help customers extend the lifespan of their purchases


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