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Our aim is to bring positive impact fashion to the conscious woman.

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Armed Angels

Armed Angels prove that fashion can be done differently. Based in Germany, they make sustainable fashion with the high respect for humans, animals and the planet.

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An innovative women's footwear brand that sources the highest quality artisan, organic, recycled and cruelty-free components.


By Signe

Denmark based, this brand stands for honest and sustainable fashion. They produce all of their designs in house using fabrics that are organic and certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

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High-end womenswear crafted with natural, sustainable and vegan materials, ethically made by artisans in India.



A socially conscious and sustainable fashion brand creating high end, cruelty free designs.

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Edge of Ember

Edge of Ember believe fashion should look good and do good. Each piece is produced in small-scale factories in Asia that are run in an ethical manner employing skilled craftsmen.

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Embassy of Bricks and Logs

An urban outerwear brand with high aesthetic and ethical standards. Their design lead designs not only look good, but also do good.

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Hera and Ares

A jewellery brand creating individual pieces using gold brass. Each piece is 100% animal free and made ethically in her studio in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Using only renewable and sustainable fibres, NZ brand Kowtow come up with consistently knockout pieces. Minimal, feminine, understated.


Nudie Jeans

The forefathers of ethical denim, Nudie Jeans bring high quality pieces made in a fair way. Versatile and classic, everyday denim designed to last.

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A low fashion brand who contribute to the concept of The Power of Circularity. All materials are sourced from 'runoff' fabric rolls found in textile factories in Istanbul, one of the textile manufacturing capitals of the world.

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Thinking Mu

A sustainable clothing brand with an edge. Based in Barcelona, the brand uses biodegradable colours and materials such as organic cotton or recycled polyester.

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Will's Vegan Shoes

A vegan footwear brand who believe in doing something to protect animals, humans and the planet.

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Vegan and sustainable fashion essentials that will stay in your wardrobe season after season.

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Reflections or resolutions?

Our first seven months as a store have been the best! Three locations, as many pop-ups, brands shared, lessons learned and our community widened. All whilst protecting the planet and...

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Shop Sale, Sustainably

Our number one priority? Looking out for you. Treen lives and breathes getting the best ethical, sustainable and vegan brands in store and into your wardrobes - make that a...

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