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How to shop the sales sustainably

The why behind our sale – plus the questions to ask before buying.

You might not expect a sustainable business like treen to hold a sale. After all, the word ‘sale’ is associated with extreme discounts designed to move mountains of unwanted stock. Typically, fast fashion chains use tantalisingly low prices to push already inexpensive garments, encouraging impulsive purchases. The results are predictable: wardrobes filled with trendy, poorly made pieces that eventually wind up in landfills.

Image displays the word SALE in black a hand written style
Image displays a rail of clothes in treen store in Stockbridge Edinburgh

But we’re committed to doing sales differently. It begins with how we buy our product, a process involving intuition and strategy to forecast demand and minimise waste. Once we decide on a design, we order a sensible quantity, limiting what is left on the rail by the end of the season. From 2024, we will report the total value of unsold clothing twice yearly. Anything leftover is held onto until it finds its forever home through a treen sample sale.

By avoiding fleeting trends, we stock clothing that stands the test of time. Our brands design with longevity in mind, crafting high-quality pieces in timeless cuts that won’t feel dated within a year, or two, or ten. The seasonless nature of our selection means you'll often see the same coveted styles reappear the following year in new colourways. While we might reduce prices, we can’t diminish the lasting value these pieces bring to your wardrobe.

Images shows the treen store inStockbridge, Edinburgh
Image shows a hand drawn black basket bag with grass, leaves and green flowers growing out of it

Ultimately, we want you to enjoy the beautiful clothing we sell, whether you add it to your basket immediately or take some time to think about it. If you’re able to pick up a forever piece for a slightly lower price, that can only be a good thing. When browsing the treen sale, we encourage you to use the same consideration you would for a full item. Holding up an item you’re drawn to and asking these questions is a smart place to start.

The questions you should ask before buying new clothes.

“Can I imagine a minimum of five ways to style it using items I already own?”

If you need to buy even more clothing to make a piece work – for example, a sheer top requiring a cami underneath – what’s the point? Stick to styles that will find repeated use in your wardrobe, slotting in from the moment they arrive on your doorstep.

“Do I already own something that fulfils a similar purpose?”

Sometimes, it makes sense to invest in multiples of the same style. If you live in blue jeans, you might need several pairs you can wear on rotation. But in reality, one black blazer or striped button-down is probably enough, especially if you only wear it now and again.

“Does it work for my lifestyle?”

We’ve all gazed longingly at a beautiful dress or pair of sky-high heels and thought, “If only I had an event to wear it to.” It’s important to have those fun pieces you pull out for special occasions, but prioritising purchases you’ll wear every day is the more sustainable approach.

“Does it reflect my personal style?”

It’s easy to be tempted by passing trends, but learning to admire a look on someone else while recognising that it’s not for you is a skill worth nurturing.

“Is it easy for me to care for?”

There is a lot to be said for low-maintenance fabrics. Unless you’re happy to make regular trips to the dry cleaners, only purchase pieces you can easily wash and maintain at home.

“Do I feel comfortable wearing it?”

Telling yourself that pair of jeans will be perfect when you lose a bit of weight, or pretending to be fine with constantly tugging at a hemline, leads to sartorial frustration and unworn clothes. While we strongly advocate for tailoring, some issues simply can’t be fixed with a needle and thread.

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