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A weekend in Copenhagen

There's nowhere quite like Copenhagen. Reference the city in conversation to anyone who has visited (or lived there!), and you’ll undoubtedly be met with enthusiastic gesturing about the next level food, coffee, design and architecture. And if you are even the smidge bit interested in fashion? This place will become the bar you are looking to work towards. The Danish approach to design is nothing short of perfection. High standards of living and an in-depth appreciation for both the beauty and functionality in things - plus the willingness to invest in pieces that are the best quality - means you’ll be pretty impressed at the personal style that saturates the city. Given you are reading this we are going to assume you are into design, keen on travel, or like learning more about the stories behind what we wear so stay tuned, this one’s for you. And for any of you here just for the food and drink content? We got you. Oh, and make sure you take one of our puffers if you are going now - it's cold.

Come along with us on a weekend in arguably the most stylish city in the world.

Where to stay

Let’s start with the essentials, a bed for the night. Given the high standard of living, there’s no shortage of slick to cosy AirBnB options in Copenhagen with that good taste translating from street style to the homes of many Danish residents. You can expect to get a beautiful, self-catering flat for under £100 per night. We recommend going for either the super cool, equally relaxed Vesterbro, or elegant Frederiksberg full of neo-classical architecture, must visit restaurants and designer stores. Up for investing that bit more? Finding a sustainable place to stay in Copenhagen is actually easier than finding a non-sustainable one, as the majority of all the city’s hotel rooms hold an official eco-certification. Our number one pick is the new to open, aesthetic goals, Coco Hotel (also in Vesterbro). They serve up organic food and you’ll cosy up in organic linen, use no plastic bottles, is renovated with energy and water saving solutions and is covered by sustainable energy from their own solar park in North West Jutland. That’s our kind of night’s sleep.

What to see

You won’t be bored in Copenhagen, no matter what you prefer to spend your time doing, thanks to the great balance of outdoor spaces, shopping, museum and places to settle down for a drink. Start simple and walk up the incredible spiral architecture of the Rundetaarn (see image above) for a spectacular view of the city. Head to the infamous Tivoli Gardens as your ticket to a fun afternoon with a pretty stylish amusement park. Wind things down with a visit to one of the city’s many galleries. The Glyptotek is a personal favourite (insider tip: go for a quiet, pre-dinner wander around the marble sculptures on a Thursday only open till 9pm) and the Designmuseum Denmark is a must-see for their insane collection of mid-century chairs alone. You’ll spend a good few hours taking it all in, grab a coffee or cocktail in the inner courtyard, and don’t leave empty handed thanks to the five star gift shop. Take a trip outside of the city for a bit of an escape to the number one tip in this guide - the Louisiana Museum. Seriously, this a must. Located on the coast, this knock out gallery is world leading. Again, incredible gift shop. You’ll thank us later.

What to eat

Right, we’ll be straight with you. Copenhagen is not the cheapest place to visit. But you get what you pay for and the quality of food (along with everything else) is second to none. So pull on your treat yourself mentality and make the most of your trip with a meal or two at some of our top recommendations. Breakfast or Lunch? Atelier September is iconic. Stylish, elegant and delicious (but book ahead, everywhere is popular for brunch especially on a weekend. Head to Enghave Kaffe (motocycle outside!) for a coffee, and its sister place next door for 10/10 Smorrebrod. Or head to Grod for the ultimate porridge with plenty of vegan options! Lunch is a no-brainer with Falafel Factory, but leave room for dinner at zero-waste restaurant, Plant Power Food, fancy seasonal dining at Gemsye or even fancier VeVe. The Danish trend for oversized tailoring and layering will help you out after all that eating.

Where to shop

Don’t leave without at least a bit of shopping, and rest assured you'll most likely be investing in the best way as so many brands and stores are design-led, high quality and timeless. There's obvious brands to check out like Ganni or Stine Goya, and the plenty of interior design stores will leave you wishing for more space in your luggage. But we think Copenhagen's best kept secret is its second hand and vintage stores. Curated to the highest level, these boutiques are not like the charity shops we are used to in the UK. Try Prag, Kobenhaven K, or any on Vogue's guide here. Think pre-worn designer and luxury pieces in great nick but significantly reduced. There are some serious treasures to be found, whilst staying sustainable which we can fully get behind.


We've tried, but we've definitely not covered all the city has to offer. Had a great experience somewhere or eaten the best vegan meal and want to share the goods? Drop us a DM on Instagram or email us and we'll update this guide with your recommendations! Happy exploring.

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