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Leading with transparency: Flamingos Life SS22

Flamingos Life are the masters of sustainable footwear. Leading with transparency, all of their sneakers are made by hand in Spain. They use materials such as corn, bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and natural rubber (this is extracted in a sustainable way from the Hevea brasiliensis tree) to create their nostalgic sneakers. Every step in their production process is meticulously documented and shared with their customer, evidencing Flamingos Life's commitment to transparency.

Extracted from the SS22 lookbook
Extracted from the SS22 lookbook​​

Flamingos Life's philosophy revolves around three axes:

Providing a solution to the ecological crisis in which we find ourselves.

Animals are a value in their own right and have the right to a life without suffering.

Lead with visibility and transparency; provide all the information to ensure the consumer makes good, conscious buying decisions.

At treen, we wholeheartedly agree with Flamingos Life's three-tiered philosophy. The third axis is particularly special; it is an example of transparency that we hope all brands will adopt in the future. 

Every pair of sneakers designed and made by Flamingos Life comes with a table of information that outlines everything that went into its production. Take the bestselling Rowland V5, for example. It's cool to know that it takes 50 processes and 75 people to make these sneakers. Data is pulled from the sneakers' water footprint, carbon footprint, eutrophication and waste. This level of detail and transparency is what consumers deserve. We need to know not just where, but how our garments are made.

Each season, the Spanish plant-based shoemakers release a lookbook. Think bustling markets, corn fields and sun-drenched beaches. It speaks to the locality in which much of their production is based. In line with their transparency policies, Flamingos Life shares that its experienced artisans and shoemakers are all located within a 40km radius from their HQ in Elche.

Rowland V5, Snow Ivory
Rowland V5​​
Inside the factory
Inside the factory​​
Retro 90s
Retro 90s​​

"There is no beauty without truth and there is no truth without transparency."

Extracted from the SS22 lookbook
Extracted from the SS22 lookbook​​

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