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To those who paved the way...

Thank you. Thank you so much, truly. Before I came along and began my own journey you went out into the world and did, thought, created, said yes! In some way I feel that because of you I can now walk the path of being a woman in business. Because of your own steps - and the steps of those that laid out the path before us - I have been allowed to feel that I can. 

In one way or another, you have inspired me and spurred me on. Thank you for this. Your kindness, openness and willingness to offer help when asked has absolutely played a part in where I stand now and the confidence I feel in making decisions that are smart, informed and feel right for me. Knowing that you, and many, many more, are there standing alongside me makes me feel supported and welcome in the big, wild world of business. It feels collaborative and it’s beyond exciting to be amongst such a powerful and aspirational lot. 

Here’s to what you have done, and what we will do to pave the way for who’s next - together. 




Here's to giving praise where praise is due, and motivating each other to keep making change for a fairer, balanced, enabling world. You can find out more about how to support International Women's Day and the #EachforEqual campaign here

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