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Together, we can turn living wages for garment workers into law


Since our inception, we've supported Fashion Revolution. They campaign for a clean, safe, fair, transparent and accountable fashion industry. In July, they launched the "Good Clothes, Fair Pay" campaign. Their aim is to attract one million signatures from EU citizens, demanding living wages across the fashion industry. Though British citizens are unable to sign this petition due to Brexit, we encourage all of our customers to share with their network in order to obtain the number of signatures required.

If one million signatures are obtained (and specific thresholds are met in seven countries), Fashion Revolution will be able to meet with the European Commission and European Parliament to discuss whether or not living wages for garment workers can be made into EU legislation.

Makers working on the refining process of Flamingos Life
Makers working on the refining process of Flamingos Life's heritage sole, Catral ​​
​Kowtow's garments are made at SA8000 certified organisations​

Up until very recently, suppliers would be in control of garment workers' wages. Brands are beginning to sharpen their awareness and, as a result, are taking responsibility for their impacts across the entire supply chain.

At treen, one of our values is "Ethically Made". Here, you'll find brands such as Nudie Jeans, Flamingos Life, Wax London, Kowtow and Skall Studio—to name a few—who ensure their garment workers are respected, valued and paid fairly.



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