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Behind the scenes: Wardrobe switch

It’s pretty likely that at some point over the past few months you’ve gone in hard on organising (anyone else reordered their cookbooks/sock drawer/messy cupboard a few times over?) so in the spirit of making the most of the extra time we have at home we thought we’d show you how Cat changes things up as we head towards Summer.

There’s a lot to be said for having a biannual clear out, but there’s a few ways to do this without a headache or without throwing away anything that could be given a new lease of life, or a new home. Get a behind the scenes peek at Cat's wardrobe as she goes through five simple steps to change things over for the season ahead (plus some tips on what to do with clothes you are ready to part with). Ready, set, switch it up.


Step one: Know what you are working with 

It’s tempting to drag everything out of your wardrobe and drawers into one giant pile on the floor but overwhelm is real. Let’s make it easier to see what you’ve got by making the best of what you have in your space. Utilise that forgotten rail you have in the loft, grab a few dining chairs to lay things on whilst you sort, or clear your bed to make enough space for separate zones (more on that next). Next only take out the pieces you are unsure of, haven’t worn in six months, or are definite ‘no’s. By leaving all the pieces you are certain on in their rightful homes you won’t be biting off more than you can chew. Give the wardrobe and drawers a good clean and use lavender oil to ward off moths - find out more about how to take care of your clothes here

Step two: Make three separate sections

Dig out any summer clothes you may have stored away separately and add them into the mix. With all the clothes, shoes and accessories you’ve pulled out, let’s get separating them into three piles. One - all those things you are never going to wear again, the hard and fast ‘not right anymore’ but still in good shape pieces. Keep these to one side for a minute. Two - the maybes, things you want to give another go but next year. Give them a wash or roll and store (fit more in than folding!) in vacuum bags or sealed boxes with some cedar balls to deter moths and dust for next year. Keep the space in your wardrobe for only the items you will be reaching for this season. Three - the pieces that have sadly seen better days and are ready to recycle. Pack up and set a reminder to take to a clothing or fabric recycling point when you are able to - check your local council website to find these.

Step three: Gifting feels good 

Send a text to someone you know loves fashion as much as you: ‘Morning! Was going through my wardrobe ahead of the Summer and found some things I know will look incredible on you. Fancy giving them a go?’

It’s as easy as that, gifting feels really good. 

Step four: eBay is addictive, and your friend right now!

Chances are your metaphorical trash is another’s treasure, and now is the best time ever to get digital. Grab the pile of things you want to pass on and get organising. Hang (steam or iron out first if possible!) each piece up on the back of your bedroom door, make sure there is lots of natural light and take some photos - on your phone is completely fine. Make sure to get different angels, some close ups of fabric and note down the size, any signs of wear, whether it’s washable and how much you’d be willing to part with it for. List on eBay or Depop and get great joy from knowing your much loved clothes will find a second lease of life with someone else. Got designer or luxury goods you no longer use? Try Vestiaire Collective. 

Step five: Go charitable, but make it local

Let’s make the best out of the rest of your things you are no longer loving. Charity shops survive on kind donations from us, so you are doing an incredible thing by donating your clothes that are still in good nick to one. Give them a wash, a steam and pack up in a tote ready to take to your local branch of a preferred charity when they open up again. Not sure who to donate to? Ask. Call, email or DM those in your local area. They know better than anyone what sells for them, and what is needed. Giving back also feels really good.


We’d love to see your fresh and clean wardrobes. Send us a photo or tag us using #shoptreen on Instagram and we’ll get sharing with others to inspire a Spring clean!

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