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Meet the brand: Skall Studio

It’s not every day when a new brand walks into your horizon, and they are everything to love wrapped up with a bow. The perfect balance of beauty, clothes you can feel comfortable and functional in, and a brand that cares deeply about the natural world we are lucky enough to call home. Plus add a sprinkle of Danish cool girl aesthetic and you’ve pretty much baked the perfect fashion cake - and everyone loves cake, right? We fell head over ballet pump heels for Skall Studio, and we know you will too.

Nothing says summer quite like wanting to dress in feather light layers; flattering, float in the breeze dresses, comfortable cotton co-ords and menswear style shirting. And this is the ultimate kind to the planet brand, with the Skall sisters that founded the brand believing that the path to a more sustainable wardrobe starts with timeless design made from high quality and natural materials, that will last season after season. Longevity beats trends. Care and consideration beats speed. These are clothes to feel good in, and good about. To loan to your friend and pass down to your daughter.

We chatted to the women behind the brand to try and uncover how to get a slice of their at ease with yourself style, plus celebrate the launch of their new pieces. 

How and why did you get started with Skall Studio?

We grew up close to the countryside and learned about recycling and to care for the environment, so a sustainable lifestyle comes naturally to us. It is mirrored in our everyday life but also in the way we run our business. We established Skall Studio in 2014 as we felt that is was both natural for us, but also important for the industry, to create a brand that believes that the path to a more sustainable wardrobe starts with timeless design. That is why we choose to offer an alternative to the rapidly changing trends and fast fashion that are creating overproduction and stressful working environments. 

What does a normal working day look like for you?

It always starts with a cup of tea. Everyday is different but a casual day at the studio would include designing, reflecting & communication with our dear costumers. 

What sets you apart from other brands? 

With a vegan lifestyle, no use of animal products in the collections and a general sustainable and conscious approach to design and development, we have created a design universe of effortless, elegant and feminine styles, where quality is never compromised.

If you had to choose, which are your favourite pieces right now?

Our upcoming Jackie Dress dropping at the end of June - stay tuned for breezy cotton and nostalgic details. From the current collection is has to be the Cilla Shirtdress as it is perfect for these warm days. 

Biggest struggle as a sustainable, ethical, vegan business? 

When working within these terms we must accept that we will never be perfect. Everyday we try to do better than yesterday, but there is always something that we can do better.   

What in your view is an ideal future for the world's shopping habits? 

Shop styles of a better quality which will last longer while having a conscious mindset. 

What does the future hold for your brand? 

We hope to keep inspiring others and our dream for the future is to continue developing our brand with new sustainable methods and products.

Can you share one takeaway from running an ethical brand?

Stay updated. You can always learn about new sustainable methods. 


Shop the new arrivals from Skall Studio here as part of their holiday collection, as well as their other warm weather bestsellers. Here if you need us, for fit questions, advice on sizing, or styling queries. Drop us an email, or join us on Instagram to chat more.

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