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Meet the brand: WORON

The first thing you put on, and the last thing you take off. When it comes to sustainable base layers, we can't get enough of Danish underwear brand, WORON. Founded in Copenhagen by sisters Arina and Anya Woron, the brand set out to change up the lingerie industry with separates and sets that ticked all the boxes. Sustainable? Super soft? Style conscious? They covered - or uncovered - all the elements that make up a modern, independent brand. With a focus on celebrating the female body in all its natural beauty, WORON’s layering pieces and day-to-day underwear have already been perhaps the most ‘touched’ items in treen - they really are ridiculously soft.

Using innovative fabrics including Egyptian Organic Cotton grown without the use of harmful defoliants, and plenty of modal - a beechwood pulp fibre that is smooth, soft and breathable - this is a brand you'll not only want to support, but one you are going to want to have against your skin throughout the seasons. Already a firm favourite in treen, we’ll be reaching for WORON pieces to get us through the temperature drop. Because where better place to start than at the very beginning with the first thing you style on yourself every day?

Hunker down, grab a cup of something warm, and get to know the team better below.


Let’s take it from the top, how did you get started with WORON? 

We founded the company based on our strong desire to share our take on the perfect lingerie line. When reflecting on what this meant to us, we realised that the first thing that we took off when we got home in the afternoon, was always the bra; lowering the straps and un-hooking the band, closely followed by an “ahhhh…” of relief. Our aim when founding WORON was to create lingerie that would be the first thing you put on, and the last thing you take off!

Combining both our personal similarities and difference, we launched WORON in July 2015. Anya’s interest lies in everything that’s essential. She stands by the mindset that a trend doesn’t necessarily have to come first with an item - it’s more important that has durability, a timeless design, and fits with everything else already owned so that she doesn’t have to worry whether she has underwear that fits with the rest of her clothing every morning. On the other side, Arina is very passionate about creativity, following the latest trends and seeing how the world of fashion keeps inspiring us.

The most important for both of us though is ensuring when designing is that each piece is something that people can use and that can stay in their wardrobe for a long time. Together we are both extremely passionate about making a difference. We believe that the brand really becomes WORON in the way that we envision it when we combine all these aspects - sustainable fashion essentials -and in turn becomes a reflection of us and the universe we’re striving to create. 

OMYX Cami in Black • £58

What, in your view, is an ideal future for the world’s shopping habits? 

Less consumerism for anything that goes on the market, and more for quality and seasonal style is a good place to start. If we are continually bombarded from all sides with products that are neither good for our body nor our earth, then the current shopping habits will die hard. We believe that change starts with both brand-owners and bigger companies. For them (and us) to take full responsibility for the ripple-out effect that we have on consumers and what they buy. The brands and people that start trends have all the power to change the shopping habits of the masses, they just have to be willing to live up to the moral code that is within them and stop often only wanting to create products just to make money and grow bigger. Ideally, consumers would be well-educated in the whole process of manufacturing, where the products come from, who made them and so on. When the right information is available to the consumer, then most people will automatically make ethical shopping choices.

What do you feel sets you apart from other brands? 

It’s two-fold. Honesty and transparency. And that we are a brand run by women, for women. 

Sleek Long Sleeve High Neck Top in Black • £58

Biggest struggle as a sustainable, ethical, vegan business? 

Our biggest challenge so far has been when met with the fact that saying something is not the same as doing something. There is a lot of green washing in the industry, so it has been a long road to finding the right production collaborators where we have a common understanding and a mutual interest in sustainability. We feel accomplished in that we have transformed our ideas not only to a universe in our own imaginations, but to a tangible product, so it not only benefits us in the thought-state but can give satisfaction to others in the material world. 

And our advantage has been - and is - our strong background within the industry. Arina’s background lies within fashion and design and amongst others has worked as a designer for DAY Birger et Mikkelsen, Preen in London and as Head of Design for Gestuz. Anya has a strong background in sales and administration within the beauty industry where she has been responsible for head of sales targeting the ecological and sustainable community. These very different backgrounds and working experiences have been a great advantage when it comes to building our own brand and finding our own voice and place in this industry and scene.

Organic Cotton Socks in White • £12

What items should be paying special attention to?

Our Flirt Base bra continues to be a best-seller. Otherwise one of the best investments you can make for your wardrobe is a Sleek Long Sleeve High Neck Top as the ultimate layering piece all year round. Oh, and also the Onyx Lace bras and Onyx Cami top!

What does the future hold for the brand? 

We are still quite a young brand, so we still feel that we are just at the beginning stages of where we are headed towards with WORON. We are growing our presence within Europe every year now and when we have reached a certain level we will be ready to enter into markets further away, such as the US and Australia. These are the markets that we are getting a lot of interest from, so it is something that we look very much forward to!

Sleek Long Sleeve High Neck Top in White • £58

Shop the WORON collection here. For guidance, fit or styling tips drop us a DM or an email to talk more!

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