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Our go-to vegan restaurants and cafés in London

As a team, we often visit London to meet with our brands and our customers. A mere 4-hour train ride from Edinburgh, London’s proximity encourages many of us to venture south. 

It goes without saying, but London’s vegan scene is absolutely incredible! There are a huge number of independents that support the movement. Every time we visit, there are new places to try. We’ve rounded up our favourite restaurants and cafés that provide a casual and memorable plant-based culinary experience.

We will continue to populate this list with new finds so do bookmark this article for future reference; or send to a friend who may be in the midst of planning a future trip.


Mildreds, London
Mildreds, London​​
Mildreds, London
Mildreds, London​​

Mildreds has been serving internationally inspired, colourful food since 1988. Fast forward to 2022, you can now enjoy their 100% plant-based menu across London: Soho, Camden, Dalston, King's Cross and Covent Garden. What do we love the most? Their delicious, inventive dishes, the cocktails and the overall vibe. It's our all-time favourite.

Unity Diner

Unity Diner, London
Unity Diner, London​​

Created by Ed Winters (a vegan educator and best-selling author) in collaboration with Surge Sanctuary, Unity Diner is a non-profit that donates its earnings to animal rights. Animals are so important, in fact, that there’s a dog menu! Nessy (our shop dog) received her food before us! For humans, we love the “tofish cod” and chips, as well as the “prawn” tempura.

What The Pitta

What The Pitta, London
What The Pitta, London​​
What The Pitta, London
What The Pitta, London​​

What The Pitta sells one of the world's most popular foods, but makes it vegan. They're on a mission to show that meat-free and dairy-free not only benefits your health, but also to demonstrate its no-compromise deliciousness. Their döner kebab is such a memorable meal; we can't recommend it enough.

Mercato Metropolitano

Mercato Metropolitano, London
Mercato Metropolitano, London​​

Bump Mercato Metropolitano to the top of your list! It’s a fun, lively marketplace that hosts a variety of carefully selected food suppliers and trading partners, connecting visitors to healthy living. Mercato Metropolitano has a fantastic mission: they champion healthy, sustainable food that's made with rural, artisanal practices. They ensure that their vendors' supply chains prioritise quality over price, which helps them make healthy food available to everyone. There’s an abundance of vegan options to be enjoyed here, plus an incredible atmosphere.



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