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Our sustainability story

When Cat decided to launch a vegan fashion retailer, she knew that it also had to be ethical and sustainable. Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle 4 years ago broadened her thinking beyond her plate to her wardrobe too.

“I look for items that will last and a quality that I can trust. I look for items that are just as stylish and trendy as my past, planet- and people-destroying designer goods. I want the people who make my clothes to be happy and well compensated for their work.”

Cat’s values now drive the buying strategy for treen. Here’s an outline of what sustainability means to us.

Sustainability is… green.

Inside WORON's factory

Rather than creating materials that won’t last and pollute our planet, why don’t we use that we already have? When we discovered WORON and their use of modal, we were elated. It’s a beechwood pulp fibre, which is smooth, breathable and has natural antibacterial properties. Your skin will thank you for wearing this truly sustainable fabric! WORON dye the fabric without toxic components and is Ökotex-certified. Shop all WORON products here. Underprotection use a similar material called lyocell, which is a natural, man-made fibre. Made from wood pulp from sustainable free farms, lyocell textiles are created through the use of nanotechnology in an award-winning, closed-loop process that recovers or decomposes all solvents and emissions. Shop all Underprotection products here.

Sustainability is... kind.
Pink City Prints' amazing skilled artisans who hand-stitch and block-print their garments

Materials is often at the fore of the discussion around sustainability, but we believe that workers’ rights is on an equal par. You can’t be a sustainable brand without having good ethics, and treating people right. Before onboarding any brand, we ask for absolute transparency as to the working conditions and welfare of their employees. Nomad Tribe is the dreamiest of companies. They use fashion to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges, like poverty, education and disabilities. They believe in the consumer’s purchasing power, stating that “What we collectively choose to buy or not to buy can change the course of this planet.” Manufacturing all around the world in partnership with local craftsmen and small family-owned shops, Nomad Tribe creates an abundance of job opportunities in developing countries. Shop all Nomad Tribe products here. Pink City Prints is another brand that seeks out the best opportunities for its employees. Each workshop has been vetted. The employees are treated with care and respect, working eight-hour days with three breaks and earning more than double the minimum wage. Each workshop has an open door policy and Molly, the brand’s founder, can visit whenever she likes. Molly is working with a women's centre to teach them skills so they can embroider the dresses earning money for themselves. Shop all Pink City Prints products here

Sustainability is… stylish.
Underprotection, Terry Jumpsuit

Planet- and people-friendly fashion doesn’t need to be frumpy! It’s so stylish, and we endeavour to pick out the best brands that make the most coveted and on-trend styles. Shopping away from the high street allows you to find unique and unusual items from a range of interesting brands. We’re proud to have launched with BHAVA, Cass, Dauntless, Etta Collective, Edge of Ember, OhSevenDays, Pink City Prints, Underprotection, Will’s Vegan Shoes, WORON and Nomad Tribe, and can’t wait to introduce new brands to our roster. Know a brand that would jive with our mission? Let us know here.

Sustainability is... collaborative.
treen’s founder, Cat, with Nessie at the pop-up shop in Edinburgh
Image by @dayswithb and @dayswithbphotography

That’s a nice link to our last sentence, right? We need you to help us grow. There’s so much innovation and progress being made in the fashion industry right now, as more and more brands are working more consciously than ever before. We love collaborating with our customers to discover brands that they like, but also styles. Are you looking for the perfect crisp white shirt, but struggling to find it from a sustainable brand? Let us help. You’re welcome to contact our team anytime via the widget on our website, or simply email us here. We’re also big on collaboratively with like-minded businesses. We were so happy to have a host of local businesses support our opening, like Vegan Tipples and Naked Bakery. Without the support of our fellow independents, we’d be unable to support our customers in our mission to provide a killer wardrobe without killing the planet.

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